The mission of the Pre-Law Advising Office is to provide timely and accurate advice to students considering application to colleges of law.  For those students who elect to apply to Law School, the office will work with students to select the most appropriate schools for application and subsequently to maximize the student’s chances for admission into the college of their choice.  The Pre-Law Advising Office believes that every student should have access to the best possible information which will allow them to make intelligent decisions during the application process.

The services of the Pre-Law Advising Office are available to all University of Georgia students and alumni who are considering law school.

For more information on the Pre-Law Advising Program (including how to schedule an advising appointment with the Pre-Law Advisor) please go to:

Students may request an appointment with an advisor using the Appointment Request Form.

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Student Spotlight: Jebril Reeves

Jebril Reeves is a 2016 graduate of UGA, majoring in International Affairs.  Coming from Atlanta, he enjoyed all the opportunities – both academic and extracurricular – that he found in Athens.  Applying to Columbia, NYU, Duke and other T14 law schools, Jebril was faced with the enviable task of choosing  among multiple coveted spots.