Student Spotlight: Jebril Reeves

Jebril Reeves is a 2016 graduate of UGA, majoring in International Affairs.  Coming from Atlanta, he enjoyed all the opportunities – both academic and extracurricular – that he found in Athens.  Applying to Columbia, NYU, Duke and other T14 law schools, Jebril was faced with the enviable task of choosing  among multiple coveted spots.  He describes the selection process which lead him to choose Duke Law School, where he matriculated in fall of 2016 – and where he undoubtedly will contribute to his class just as he did at UGA:

The law school application process for me, was difficult but very manageable. I self-studied and took the LSAT twice.  Both times, I achieved a great score. Studying for the LSAT was very time-consuming, but I knew that I would have to make sacrifices if I wanted to do well on the test. From there, applying and trying to find the right school was much easier, especially with the help of the Pre-Law Program at UGA which steered me in the right direction.  Ms. Clutter helped me to not only figure out how to choose the best applicant schools, but she also made recommendations and critiques of my personal statement. With the awesome support of the UGA advisors, faculty, family and friends, the long and difficult process of applying to law schools ended with me making the decision to attend Duke University for law school.

I am very excited about going to Duke, and with a sizable scholarship award it is a fantastic opportunity! When I visited Duke Law, I instantly felt like it was the right school for me. Much like UGA, the atmosphere was very welcoming, and everyone that I met was friendly and seemed to genuinely care. One of the biggest factors in my decision was the family-like environment that Duke prides itself on. Although, I will miss my bulldog nation family, and I have not taken lightly the role that UGA played in helping me to get to this point – I plan to represent UGA well as I pursue my degree at Duke University.-Jebril Reeves