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Student Profiles

Laura Toulme


I was accepted to Berkeley, University of Colorado, University of Denver, Duke University, Emory University, Georgia State, University of Michigan, NYU, University of Texas, University of Georgia, University of Virginia, and University of Washington. I was waitlisted at Harvard and Stanford.

On average, I was offered a Dean's Scholarship of $120,000 ($40k/year) to my most competitive schools. My highest scholarship award was from Emory for a total of $150,000.

I will be matriculating at the University of Virginia this fall. After attending several Open House weekends, I felt that UVA had the most supportive and friendly environment. I also feel confident that I will be able to choose and succeed in any legal discipline at UVA.

My gap years were invaluable in my decision to attend law school. It gave me the time to relax and recharge between schooling, so I feel very mentally prepared to work hard in August. Working as an assistant paralegal at Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell also gave me the opportunity to see the day-to-day life of a lawyer and confirmed that it is the career for me.

I am entering law school with an open mind, so I am not quite sure exactly which field I want to pursue yet. I expect to be naturally drawn to environmental law or intellectual property. I hope to secure a clerkship immediately after graduation.

Ms. Clutter and the Pre-law Advising Office were very helpful in personal statement critique and scholarship negotiation. I was not confident about applying to law school until about two years after graduation, and despite being an alumna and living in Colorado, Ms. Clutter provided support like I lived in Athens.

After going through the process, I wish I'd heeded Ms. Clutter's advice about shortening my list of schools. I did not expect the outcomes I received, and luckily it was a good problem to have so many options! I am also happy that I decided to retake the LSAT when I had more time to study, as I think that is a factor that helped my applications. The first time I took the LSAT, I did not understand the weight schools place on your score.