Schedule an Appointment with the Pre-Law Program Director

Schedule a Pre-Law Advising Appointment On-Line or by Calling (706) 542-5836

Students must attend an orientation session and at least one other pre-law event during the current semester, in order to schedule an appointment with the Pre-Law Director. For seniors currently applying to law school for August 2017 entrance, the requirement is waived. Once you have met the requirement, you may then schedule an appointment using SARA or contacting the office at (706) 542-5836. We WILL NOT schedule appointments in the office, due to FERPA requirements. If you are a senior or alumni applying for the current application cycle, and are unable to attend one of the orientations offered, you may schedule an appointment.


Advising Appointment Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that if you are unable to keep your appointment with Mrs. Clutter, you should contact the office as soon as possible (preferably at least 2 hours before your appointment), as  the SARA scheduling system does not have an option to for students to cancel appointments. With this in mind, you should not reschedule your advising appointment through SARA, without providing prior notification to  the office of your request to cancel/modify your 'original'  appointment.   You should call (706)542-5836 or send an email to Ms.Tolbert to cancel your advising appointment. At that time, the receptionist can assist you with rescheduling your appointment.  

Any student who misses 2 scheduled advising appointments and has not contacted the office to cancel by one of the methods above, will not be allowed to schedule an appointment using  SARA and must contact Ms. Clutter to schedule an appointment with an explanation.

This policy is in place to ensure that all students have the opportunity to schedule an appointment and be advised by the Pre-Law Advisor in a timely manner. It should be noted that by failing to contact the office to cancel your appointment, you are preventing another student from being able to schedule that advising appointment. It is the student's responsibility to make note of your scheduled appointment, as the Pre-Law  Office does not send reminders about appointments.

Appointment Advisement Form

Any student scheduling an appointment with Ms. Clutter for the first time, should complete and submit the Appointment Advisement Form to the Pre-Law Advising Office. You may download the form by clicking here. This form requires a recent photo (head shot) of you.  This form and the photo are used only for advisement and are maintained in your file in the Pre-Law Advising Office. 

You may submit the form by postal mail, or  e-mailing it to Ms. Tolbert (scanned-in copy). If dropping off at the office, please place the form in a sealed envelope with your name and "Prelaw" on it.