Spotlight on the University of Texas

Musings from the Pre-Law Coordinator:

Written by: Cathy Clutter, 02/05/2016

I just returned from a visit to the University of Texas School of Law and was extremely impressed by all the school has to offer! Located in the vibrant Texas state capitol of Austin – home to SXSW and many other music performances, along with a great array of outdoor activities, restaurants, and things to do – UT Law offers many great outlets when you’re not studying (whenever that might be).


A long-recognized T14 law school, UT offers a very student-focused and supportive environment with a Dean who makes it a point to know each of the incoming 1-Ls. Small legal societies provide a great base for 1-Ls to form lasting friendships, get great faculty and peer advising, and be paired with a UT Law alum from day one of your law school experience.

With one of the largest law school alumni bases and extremely strong clinical program offerings, UT Law grads are quite successful in the job market with a placement rate of over 87% and over 50% of employed graduates starting out in BigLaw! All are fantastic reasons to consider applying to the University Of Texas School Of Law. Feel free to contact me to talk further about whether UT Law might be a fit for you!